We are sad to announce the end of a 10 year long journey. Projectknife, and Projectfork before that, has not been able to attract a large enough audience to sustain itself any longer. We have tried our best to revitalise the project with a fresh start, but it was not enough.

With downloads and sales in rapid decline, we are forced to discontinue any future development and support of the project. The website will remain online for at least another year so you can still access all the files that are available at this time.

We would like to thank those who supported us and we wish you all the best and good success for your future.


Goodbye everyone!


System Plugin and Dashboard Config


We are happy to announce the sixth beta release for Projectknife 5! As it has been with all previous update, this one contains both bug fixes and new features and improvements.

Dashboard buttons


We are happy to annouce the release of the User Activities package for our Full Access customers! This package comes with a component and a plugin which tracks and displays what everyone is doing in the projects, milestones and task sections of your site.

The package is accompanied by a table module which you can download separately if you like, and display it on your dashboard or anywhere else you see fit.

Dashboard buttons


We are happy to announce a new beta release of Projectknife! Besides the bugfixes, this version comes with new features and some smaller (cosmetic) changes.

Custom groups and fields


We're quickly following up the Joomla 3.7 release with a new beta of Projectknife 5. This time we've primarily added custom groups and fields for projects, milestones and tasks! Furthermore, we've updated the frontend lists to show the amount of comments next to each item title.

If you are using Projectfork 4 so far and are just waiting to be able to switch to Projectknife, then we have good news for you!

In preparation for the upcoming import extension that will allow you to import project, milestones and tasks from Projectfork, we have just released the third beta which will be required as the minimum version of Projectknife.


We are happy to announce the second beta release of Projectknife 5. This release mostly focuses on bug fixes. We have another, final beta version planned before we are going gold, which may include some smaller new features and adjustments.

Projectfork 4 users will also be happy to hear that we'll have big FAQ shortly, where we try to answer all your questions - especially about how and when to upgrade.

And welcome to Projectknife! It has taken us quite a while to get to this point, but we finally made it. There are still a couple of things to clean up here and there, and many things to release that are clogging the release pipeline. We'll get there step by step.

Projectknife Copyright © 2018 Tobias Kuhn